Discussion Guide

Although Santa Barbara County has come a long way in its battle against COVID-19, we are not yet all the way out of the woods. We all still need to work together to move through to the lowest level of restrictions and then all the way to all-clear. Until then, we all need to continue to be vigilant about wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing.

The Discussion Guide is based on a series of questions (including standard answers and sources) to invite students into a conversation about COVID-19. Here are some examples of questions in the guide:

  1. What are the ways we can protect ourselves from COVID-19?
  2. Who does wearing a mask protect?
  3. When should you wash your hands?
  4. What are some symptoms of COVID to be aware of?
  5. Which groups are particularly at risk? How could we help them?
  6. What fun things can we still do while social distancing?
  7. What other important people wear masks? Why?
The goal is to remind kids of things they already know and to let them know that these things continue to be important. Only by working together can we finally all be together!
Girl virtually learning