Resources for Use by Our Community Partners

Coloring page

Mask Art Coloring Pages

Mask art coloring pages for kids and adults to post on the Masked and Mighty Facebook page and Instagram account.

Click here to download a PDF with coloring pages!

Suggested Video Scripts

Click here for suggested scripts for video ideas, or develop your own messages, about why you wear your mask and want others to, too.

Campaign Materials

Click below for related campaign materials.

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Instagram Stills


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Self-Tape Guidelines


1. Turn your camera horizontal.
2. Place your camera at eye level.
3. Make sure your entire face fits in the frame:

Girl smiling

4. Make sure your face is well lit so we can see you clearly.
5. Make sure you have a clutter free background. You don’t have to be up against a wall, but a little depth like the shot above would be great.
6. Quiet location is a must! If you are filming in your backyard, please make sure there is no road noise, gardening noise, or anything else to distract from your video.
7. Start with your mask on. We really need to reinforce the message about wearing masks.  


1. Press record on your device.
2. WAIT A FULL 3 SECONDS looking directly into the camera with your mask on. This gives us plenty of room to edit around your video.
3. Begin your video looking directly into the camera with your MASK ON. Try not to look around the room, we want it to feel like you are speaking directly to your audience. Please remove your mask right before you start talking.
4. Mistake? Start again. Because of the nature of the video, we would like a full take if you have a mistake and you don’t want to be shown.
5. Finished? WAIT A FULL 3 SECONDS looking directly into the camera. This gives us plenty of room to edit around your video.


1. FULL RESOLUTION is extremely important!
2. Send the full file via text to Jill Fonte’s cell phone at (805) 453-4857 or email at Please include in the text your name, title and organization.

COVID-19 Information

“Protect. Respect. Wear Your Mask.” Campaign

The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce is joining with the cities of Santa Maria, Lompoc and Guadalupe, Marian Regional Medical Center, Allan Hancock College and other community stakeholders in promoting the “Protect. Respect. Wear Your Mask.” campaign to urge residents to protect themselves, their families, and community members from the virus.

Informative Video Updated on COVID-19 in Santa Barbara County

DECEMBER 1, 2020 – An informative video update on COVID-19 in Santa Barbara County from a Masked and Mighty Coalition leader, Dr. Lynn Fitzgibbons.

How COVID-19 Spreads

The way viruses spread from person to person follows many of the rules that wildflowers and weeds use to spread across a lawn or empty lot.

Click here for more information on how COVID-19 spreads